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​Our Story

Her Story

Drew and I had our first date in August of 2018 at Corner Tavern in Back Bay. I was outside waiting while a tour of segways drove by and he texted me asking if driving a segway was a deal breaker. I had my pre-first date jitters, but immediately laughed and felt at ease the rest of the day. It's been the same feeling ever since. We moved into our Cambridge apartment in March 2020 and didn't realize that we'd be spending every day together for the next year, and honestly, I've never been happier. (I like to think he feels the same way too.) Drew proposed in our apartment because we had spent so much time there and wanted to add one more great memory there - I was wearing a full gray sweatsuit and slippers, which had become my pandemic uniform, and it all just felt right. We can't wait to celebrate with all of you in May!

His Story

Day dates never work, right? I was sweaty after having a morning shoot for work at Fenway, it was Sunday, I was going to be late for family dinner. But I was excited and I went. We laughed immediately, time flew by, I was late for dinner (sorry, Jan). I’m not sure if I knew that I had met my wife (looking back on it, that was probably when we built my IKEA couch together without killing each other on our fourth date) but every experience since has made it clear. Every new restaurant we try, every time you force me to sing One Week by Barenaked Ladies, every time you say you don’t want any popcorn then have some anyways, I absolutely love everything we do together and this wedding will be no different.

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